Headphone FAQs

Headphone Frequently Asked Questions

Headphone Frequently Asked Questions

Below feature some of the most Frequently Asked Questions when it comes to buying and owning a pair of headphones. If something isn’t covered you can always contact us and we will answer your question and probably include it in this list if we think the wider audience will benefit from the question and answer. We hope that our expert knowledge after reviewing dozens of headphones shines through in these questions.


What is the best pair of headphones?

It depends what you are looking for and how much you are willing to spend. On HeadphonesReviews.net we aim to review most bestselling headphones on the market today. So have a look through our reviews to see what is out there and would suit your desires and budget. I suggest start to narrow it down by type and consider the following factors such as the kind of comfort level you are looking for and where and when you would use the headphones. This will determine if you can consider the less portable headphones and as a result go for something that perhaps has a better audio quality and more features. Even if we think a pair of headphones is great we will always be honest in our reviews and point to some disadvantages with each product.


What is the best brand of headphones?

There isn’t one in our humble opinion. All brands have pros and cons as you will see in the reviews on our site. Of course there are some premium brands on the market such as Bose but even then their headphones may have drawbacks. We suggest you to consider each pair of headphones a separate item and not worry too much about brands. We must admit that newcomers to the headphones market such as Beats and SkullCandy have pushed the envelope with regards to design. However even the classic manufacturers of headphones such as Sennheiser and Bose are taking the design wishes of its customers seriously these days and presenting us with far more interesting headphones design. Take a look at our Headphones brands page to learn more about the different brands of headphones and to access quick links to headphones reviews of these brands available on this site.


What are earbuds?

Simple small speaker type headphones that sit just on the entrance of your ear canals. They are usually cheap and even given away free with many media devices. See our Headphones Types page for more information.


What are in-ear headphones?

Similar to earbuds and sometimes hard to see an exact distinction. They are of similar build but have a gel/sleeve attachment on each speaker to go slightly into your ear canals. There are several advantages to this: they can stay in place better and isolate the environmental sounds better. Usually they are of better quality. See our Headphones Types page for more information.


What are on-ear headphones?

Headphones where the speaker housing literally sits on top of your ears. The big advantage to over-ear headphones can be: better comfort and reduced heat build up providing a more comfortable listening experience. Drawbacks can be audio leakage to and from the environment and a slight lack in portability. See our Headphones Types page for more information.


What are over-ear headphones?

Headphones where the audio “cups” literally go over your entire ears. This usually provides for the ultimate and most private audio listening experience. Drawbacks can be heat build up making them less comfortable, much less portable and can be premium expensive products. See our Headphones Types page for more information.


What are DJ – Pro Headphones?

Usually very similar to over-ear headphones, these headphones are often designed to allow for each ear cup to be reversed so that you can have the benefit of listening through the headphones through one ear and listen to the environment through the other. Useful in studio situations and for DJs. See our Headphones Types page for more information.


What are wireless headphones?

Wireless headphones are headphones which do not require a jack cable connection to a media device. These days most wireless headphones are all Bluetooth. This means these headphones can be “paired” with a Bluetooth device such a media player, games console or television. Because they are wireless you will enjoy a huge sense of freedom and not have to worry about tangling cables etc. Drawbacks would be the need to recharge / change batteries in the headphones and the extra cost for the wireless feature. See our Headphones Types page for more information.


What is impedance?

Impedance is quite a complicated matter to explain. However we can almost imagine it as an electrical resistance. Most cheap headphones will have a low impedance, whereas higher impedance ranges will often be found in more studio quality headphones and headsets. For example if you connect a pair of headphones that has less than 20 Ohms to a professional mixing desk or output and turn that up to the max there is a very good chance you will blow the headphones. Ideally if you are looking for a quality pair of headphones to be used in a professional setting with loud volumes you would want to look for impedance ranges of 25 Ohms and higher.


Will headphones protect my ears from loud industrial noises?

Headphones are not ear muffs or ear protectors therefore they are not recommended to be used as such or even in combination with a proper set of ear defenders.


Can I wear headphones whilst driving a car?

It is not recommend to be using headphones at all when you are driving a car or even have your car stereo at a too loud volume so that you can still hear environmental sounds when driving. When you are driving you should ideally have all your senses available.