Headphone Brands

Headphone Brands

Headphone Brands

There are dozens of Headphone Brands out there. There are several large electronics companies who have been known to produce quality headphones for decades now. More recently there have been smaller companies joining the market, which sometimes are completely specialised in the making of headphones. Though these companies have not necessarily shaken up the actual technologies used in the industry they have however completely changed the headphone designs we see these days. Bright colours, logos and different shapes and sizes have really challenged the existing electronics companies to help push the design envelope, really benefiting the more design conscious consumer in the modern era.

In addition, all companies are adopting new technologies such as wireless capability and noise cancellation making the headphone market change into a very interesting and choice rich landscape for the consumer.

Here we take a look at the most popular Headphone Brands on the market today and discuss a little bit about their history and you will also find links to all headphones reviews of these brands available on HeadphonesReviews.net.



Bose logoThe Bose corporation was founded in 1964 by Amar Bose. Bose has for more than fifty years been famous for making high quality audio equipment. The company holds many patents, exclusivities and trademarks relevant in the audio industry. In 2011, just two years before his death Amar Bose left the majority of his Bose shares to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Bose was originally founded in Massachusetts. Bose has made headphones for most of its existence. The company is particularly well known for making noise cancellation headphones and headsets which are also used in the aviation industry.

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You can find out more about Bose on their Wikipedia page or the company’s website.



SennheiserFritz Sennheiser started the company originally in Germany back in 1945. Focused mostly on electronics the company quickly focused on making microphones and headphones. They were the first company to produce “open headphones” in 1968, which makes for a much more natural sound. The Sennheiser model, HD 414 to this day remain the bestselling headphones ever and it is unlikely we will ever see it surpass. Like Bose, Sennheiser as also entered the aviation market supplying headsets to various airlines. They are a reliable and innovative company and have perhaps only recently been challenged to think more about interesting designs by its competitors.

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You can find out more about Sennheiser on their Wikipedia page or the company’s website.



Skullcandy LogoSkullcandy was founded in 2003 by Rick Alden. Focuses entirely on making on audio listening devices most of the product ranges are now in fact headphones. The target market is the consumer who is interested in sports. Skullcandy’s products often feature bright colours and slightly bold designs for headphones. Since they started they have certainly shaken up the headphones market with this approach and actually helped to influence the more classic companies to consider making more interesting designs and use colours where previously headphones were mostly black. Currently the company has three main headphones product lines: Ink’d 2; their budget earbud range, Smokin’ Bud; more mid priced and better quality and features and Hesh 2, over-ear headphones. Skullcandy sells their products via their own website and other outlets such as Amazon.

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You can find out more about Skullcandy on their Wikipedia page or the company’s website.