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Connectland Stereo Headset

Connectland Stereo Headset 40 mm Speaker Review


With a product that can be described as colorful at the very least, the Connectland stereo headset bounces onto the headphone market. Are they all color and style? Or do they provide the goods as well?


Build Quality & Design

These headphones really stand out when it comes to design. The first aspect that hits you is the color. They are very noticeable.

Coming in such options as teal, purple and yellow, you can be sure that you’ll cut a unique figure whilst sporting a pair of these headphones.

This brings me to a major talking point when it comes to this product. Are they aimed at adults or children?

They certainly aren’t the biggest headphones on the market, and I have absolutely no doubt that many adults will find them to be too small and uncomfortable.

The color schemes available tend to add credence to the idea that these headphones are primarily aimed at children.