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Ausdom M05 Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones

Ausdom M05 Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones Review

Ausdom M05 Dual Mode Your Way Through Daily Humdrum

Ausdom recently released the latest addition to its much appreciated Wireless M series headphones in the form of the new and improved Ausdom M05 Dual Mode Wireless & Wired headphones. Ausdom’s M series is greatly appreciated and acclaimed for its sturdy build, as well as excellent sound performance.

The Ausdom M05 headphones continues the legacy and raises the bar even higher. With a stunning design and on point carbon-fibre stylish finishes, the Ausdom M05s are in a class of their own. They incorporate the latest technology 40mm drivers, with high frequency response for powerful and rich sound, crystal-clear vocals, deep bass and apt-X technology for gaming. So, if anyone was wondering if the M series from Ausdom will continue to pleasantly surprise us, know that the M05 Dual Mode headphones are the most popular headphones at their price range the world over.


Ausdom M04 Bluetooth Over-ear Headphones

Ausdom M04 Bluetooth Over-ear Headphones Review


You may not have heard of Ausdom, or Shenzen Ausdom Cloud Technology Co., just yet, and that could be for a great many reasons, the most obvious of which is the fact that the company specialises in Cloud IP cameras. Over the course of the past few years, the company started dipping its toes into the realm of audio equipment, and has produced a line of power headphones whose sales are picking up momentum.

There are three locally known editions within the headphone line, the M04, the M05, and the M06. This review focuses on the M04, the flagship headphones that are making people reevaluate just what it is that they want out of a headset. Ausdom markets this as a hands-free, deep bass, high sensitivity, stereo wireless headset. We’ll try to nitpick at all of these various features for your reading pleasure, keeping in mind that the company has only just started spreading its wings over mainstream clientele.