About us

About us

We are a completely independent bunch of people who review the bestselling headphones on the market today. We strive to review at least one pair of headphones every week so that we can cover the vast majority of existing and new models which are released every year.

We review all types of headphones such as earbuds, in-ear style, on-ear headphones, over-ear headphones, wireless headphones and gaming headsets. We have also prepared a buyer’s guide and detailed information what the difference is between these types of headphones. We started off with just one guy reviewing several headphones but quickly grew to three independent writers as there is so much work we like to take on.

We also pride ourselves to be one of the few review websites who transcribe their reviews in written format and in video format, so you can get the best of either words, whichever you prefer. So make sure you head over to our YouTube channel on which you can watch our headphone reviews videos.

We give several aspects of the different headphones we review a rating out of 10. Based on these figures we come to an overall mark for a pair of headphones. You will find that most of the ratings are often over a 6 or at least a 5. The reason for this is that we prefer to review headphones which sell reasonably well. Should a pair of headphones not be on the site which you believe is a great one then of course you can get in touch with us so that we can consider reviewing it. We always welcome suggestions.

We are registered with Amazon’s Product feed┬áso we can always point out the best prices they can offer for each pair of headset that we review on our site. The prices should be up to date, but we advise you to check the date and time underneath the prices and of course refer to the prices on Amazon’s website if you are considering purchasing a pair of headphones reviewed on this site.